TPU Thermal CTP Plate

Topaz TPU is a new thermal plate. This high quality thermal CTP plate is not only suitable for UV ink, but also suitable for ordinary ink printing. The plate adopts the high quality aluminum and double coating formulation; possessing the properties as high sensitivity, excellent dot reproduction, wide processing latitude and stable performance. It is compatible with all the dominant platesetters and processors in the market.

Transportation and Storage

Plates should be kept at a place dry and cool. The shelf life could be up to 12 months with a temperature between 15-27°C and RH 25-60%. They also should avoid the place where is too close to water tank, chemical reagent or direct sunlight. Plates should be used up as quickly as possible after unpack and they should be put in the original package and take measures to avoid light if they need short-term storage. Usually, under the yellow light, it can be left for 8 hours, and 2 hours under white or natural light.


Unpack under day light or yellow light, it is suggested that the plate making room avoid natural light. For manual or semi-automatic plate-making equipments, when loading and unloading plates, we should avoid scratch, which may influence plate properties.

Technical specifications

  • Plate type - Positive thermal plate
  • Wave length - 830nm
  • Sensitivity - 120-140mJ/cm2
  • Resolution - 1%~99%@200lpi

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